• Suffolk Expands Organics Recycling Program


As of October, 2008, Sodexo kitchen staff in three on-campus cafes are recycling organics. 

In October, 2007, the kitchen staff in the Sargent Hall Cafe kitchen began an organics recycling pilot.  After recycling more than 5 tons of food, the University has worked with the campus food services operator Sodexo to expand the program to two more kitchens.  Now the kitchen staff in the Donahue and 150 Tremont Cafes are recycling organics. 

By diverting waste from landfills, this program helps the environment.  The food waste and other organics are picked up by our recycling vendor Save that Stuff and brought to a farm north of Boston where the material is turned into compost, which is available for purchase.  Not only is this program better for the environment than throwing away the organics, but recycling organics is also costs less than half as much to throw the material away with trash.

Special thanks to the Sodexo staff for adopting the program and working with the University to reduce waste and increase recycling.

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