Law School Podcasts Climb the Charts on iTunes U

Kathleen Elliott Vinson


Suffolk University Law School professors' legal writing skills podcasts are in high demand on iTunes U. One of their recordings ranks among the top 10 most downloaded law-related iTunes U podcasts worldwide.

Suffolk is the only law school in the country offering weekly legal writing tips on iTunes U.

“The great thing about this is that students get the benefit of being taught by 13 different professors, and we get to utilize the talent of our entire department,” said Suffolk University Law School Professor Kathleen Elliott Vinson, who directs the Legal Practice Skills program.  “This is a teaching tool using technology that is very popular and familiar to students entering law school.  They’re listening to these podcasts to enhance their learning experience.”
Each week, a different Legal Practice Skills professor records and uploads a 5-to-10-minute legal writing tip podcast.  One week, the “Annotated Sample Memo” ranked as iTunes U’s second-most-downloaded law-related podcast,  topping hundreds of others. 

“We’re reaching out to so many people,” said Vinson.  “Our podcasts are free and available to anyone across the country and around the world.”

Dean Alfred C. Aman, an accomplished jazz drummer, has even jumped into the act.  “He created the background music to one of our three podcast series, and it sounds great,” said Vinson.
The Legal Practice Skills program will host a “Teaching Through Technology,” conference Dec. 1, where podcasts will be among the technological teaching tools demonstrated and discussed. 


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