• How Not To Design A Constitution: Lessons From The Americas

Suffolk Law Professor Miguel Schor to speak on Constitution

4 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008
Suffolk University Law School Room 315
120 Tremont Street, Boston

Suffolk's American Constitution Society and International Law Society present a discussion on "How Not to Design a Constitution: Lessons from the Americas" by Suffolk Law professor Miguel Schor.

If consensus around the globe is that the United States Constitution has a largely defective design, why has it endured for over two centuries?  What, if anything, did the Framers get right?  We will observe how the vast majority of constitutions around the globe were adopted after the Second World War and that they differ markedly from the United States Constitution in three key areas: (1) separation of powers, (2) the political (non)-accountability of the United States Supreme Court, and (3) socio-economic rights. While the design of the Constitution is problematic, the American experience illustrates the mechanisms by which citizens become attached to constitutions.

For more information contact: acs.suffolk@gmail.com

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