• Political Science Student Research Conference

Political Science Student Research Conference

April 14, 2009
Archer 365 A&B

The Department of Government will host the First Annual Government Student Research Conference. Undergraduate majors and minors as well as students in the graduate programs of the Department of Government will present cutting edge and insightful research on a variety of issues dealing with domestic and international realities.

Panel #1G:  A365A Legislating Under the Commerce Clause 1937-2004: The Influence of the Supreme Court’s Decisions in Lopez and Morrison on Congressional Policymaking

Panel #1U:  A365B The Rise and Fall of the Mighty and Powerful: Abuses and Expansion of Power through Policy

Panel #2G:  A365A Transformative Politics: Voting and the Implications of Political Motivation

Panel #2U:  A365B Presentation of Departmental Honors Theses Research


Conference Extension: Seminar in Contemporary International Relations
April 14th: Munce Conference Room

5:30PM-6:45PM International Security and International Organizations
6:45PM-8:10PM Gender Studies


April 21st: McDermott Conference Room

5:30PM-6:45PM Alliances and Instability in International Relations
6:45PM-8:10PM Economic Trends and Development

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