• Life 101 Series: Networking 101

Young Alumni Event

Networking 101
Guest Speaker Ruth Hegarty BA’98, MS’00

December 10, 2008
6:00– 8:00 PM

Stahl Center, 73 Tremont Street
1st Floor Amenities Room
Light refreshments served

“Helping shy and socially anxious people lead outrageously high quality lives.” Ruth Hegarty
4 Keys to Networking Success:
How to build a strong, effective network in a way that fits your goals and personality.

Networking is a personal and professional necessity that often gets a bad reputation, yet it doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. Done right, networking can be a fun, effective way to meet new people, grow your business or career, and even gain confidence and enjoy yourself.
This program, by certified life coach and educator Ruth Hegarty, will teach you the four key strategies to networking success: how to create an individualized networking plan, what to do and say at networking events, what materials you should or shouldn’t bring, and how to identify the best networking venues for yourself.

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