• African American Women’s Health Scholarship Awarded


Suffolk University has selected master’s candidate Nyjah Wyche as the first recipient of its annual scholarship to develop leadership in African American women’s health.

Wyche, a graduate of Spellman College, currently works as an assistant director for the Boston-based Health Education & Learning Program/H.E.L.P. for Black Males. Wyche’s professional interests concern the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its disproportionate impact on African American women.

Suffolk University’s full-tuition scholarship, the first of its kind in the nation, is awarded to a student in the Master of Arts in Women’s Health program.

The Master of Arts in Women’s Health program is aimed at educating a new generation of educators, leaders, and advocates who can make contributions in the field of women’s health and foster awareness of women’s health issues in a variety of clinical, civic, educational and community contexts.

The program offers training in educational, outreach, analysis and advocacy techniques. Graduates will be equipped to sensitize hospitals, community organizations, courts, prisons and schools regarding the social, economic, political and cultural realities that contribute to women’s health and health care challenges. 

The program is designed both for recent college graduates and for those already working in fields related to women’s health and well being.  For further information, please visit www.suffolk.edu/mawh or contact mawh@suffolk.edu.


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