• Suffolk University pilots Annual Copyright License (ACL)


Suffolk University has entered into an agreement with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a not-for-profit organization which helps universities and corporations reuse copyrighted content, for coverage under its new Annual Copyright License (ACL) for Academic Institutions. This license provides faculty, librarians, research and administrative staff with comprehensive, institution-wide coverage for the reuse of text-based content in both print and electronic formats for educational and research purposes. There are over a million titles included in the license repertory and this list continues to grow.

Types of use covered under the license include:
- Coursepacks (print and electronic)
- Classroom handouts
- Library reserves (print and electronic)
- Administrative photocopying
- Course management system postings
- Research collaboration
- Intranet and faculty website postings
- Internal e-mail

This is a one year pilot test of this license through June 2009.  One objective of this pilot is to track cost savings realized by students for copyrighted materials in course packets.

Accessing and using the license is easy. If you have determined that the use of a particular piece of content is not covered under Fair Use, simply go to http://www.copyright.com/aclacademic and enter the title of the work (e.g: book, journal, newspaper), ISBN/ISSN or publisher of the title you wish to use and click the search button. If a green check mark appears next to your title in the search results (and you can comply with the “terms apply” if applicable), you are free to use the content. You may use the content in your course materials and need not check this title again for the duration of Suffolk University’s license agreement with CCC which expires on June 30, 2009.

For step-by-step instructions on how to verify coverage under the license, and for additional information, please see the Web page posted at http://www.suffolk.edu/sawlib/ccc-license.html. Plans are underway to host brief, hands-on workshops for faculty and departmental assistants beginning in mid-September.  Announcements concerning those workshop sessions will be forthcoming.

In the event the Search Results indicate that a publication is not covered under the license, there are other ways to obtain copyright permissions. Contact the manager of the Suffolk University Bookstore by phone at 617-573-8218, or e-mail at ssnow@suffolk.com.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an individual demonstration before or in lieu of the upcoming workshops, you may contact: 

Sabrina Holley-Williams, Circulation Services Librarian, Moakley Law Library, sash@suffolk.edu; OR
Steve Snow, University Bookstore Manager, at ssnow@suffolk.edu; OR
Bob Dugan, Sawyer Library, at rdugan@suffolk.edu

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