• Honors Student to Appear on National Game Show


Ever since he was a little boy, Peter Dimauro has had a passion for game shows. For as long as he can remember, this Biology major from the class of 2010 has wanted to participate in a televised competition. On his 18th birthday, the minimum age for participating as a television contestant, Dimauro collected the applications for several game shows and filled them out, hoping to hear from a studio. “I remember reading somewhere that because tens of thousands of people request auditions each year they may not be able to guarantee every applicant an audition,” Dimauro said. “Two years passed and I had almost given up hope about it, until this past June.” He received an e-mail inviting him to an audition for Wheel of Fortune in New York City at the beginning of July. “I debated back and forth as to whether I would be able to afford it, knowing that I would be responsible for all of the expenses as far as getting to New York City and back, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity.”

Dimauro got together the money to head to New York for his audition. A group of auditioners played simulated games of Wheel of Fortune and also took a short test. Half of the group was cut, and the remaining applicants, Dimauro included, stayed on for more games and a personal interview. At the end of the day, all the remaining applicants were told that they would eventually be contacted if they were going to be asked to participate in the show. “ I got a letter two weeks later letting me know that I had been chosen as a contestant and that I could appear on the show in the next 18 months,” Dimauro recalls. “I didn't have to wait long, because four days later I got a phone call asking if I could tape a show in August!”

While taping the program in New York, Dimauro relied upon the skills he has acquired at Suffolk to help calm his nerves. “Being a Suffolk student definitely influenced my appearance on the show. I can be a shy person and I know that getting involved at Suffolk has helped me to become more outgoing than I have been and to do some things that I may not have in the past. Suffolk has given me a lot more confidence. I still cannot believe that I was chosen to be on the show and I think that it illustrates how if you give something your best shot and completely apply yourself, anything can happen!”

Dimauro’s dream of being a game show contestant will finally come to fruition on October 7, 2008, when the episode of Wheel of Fortune airs on TV38.


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