The Suicide at Kennedy Center/American College Theater Festival


Professor Wes Savick first directed The Suicide , Nikolai Erdman's Soviet-era farce, at Suffolk University in October 2004, creating a hilarious and daring adaptation. Savick takes the story of survivors struggling to create the semblance of a normal life during a catastrophic siege and sets it in an occupied area of the Middle East . The protagonist, Fariq, a well-meaning but entirely incompetent everyman, becomes frustrated with the futility of life. When he decides to take drastic measures, a series of hilarious comic mishaps ensues.

The Suicide is one of six college theatre productions in New England to be presented at the festival, January 26 - 30, at Rhode Island College . This marks the sixth consecutive year that Theatre Department student productions and individual students have been honored for excellence on the regional and national level by the Kennedy Center/American College Theater Festival.

Other upcoming Theatre Department productions include Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape , directed by senior Maria LeBlanc, and Flight of the Crashed Vulture, written and directed by junior Alex Pollock, in February. Dr. Marilyn Plotkins will direct You Can't Take It With You , Kaufman and Hart's Pulitzer-Prize-winning American classic and Broadway hit, in April.

The Theatre Department will revive The Suicide at Suffolk in January. For more information and tickets, please visit this Web site, or call 617-573-8680.

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