University Launches Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies

Richard M. Rosenberg, President David J. Sargent, Barbara Rosenberg and George Koo


The Barbara and Richard M. Rosenberg Institute for East Asian Studies drew a large and enthusiastic audience for its inaugural seminar,

 "Competing in Beijing: China and the 2008 Olympics."

Keynote speaker Robyn Meredith, senior editor, Asia, for Forbes magazine offered a historical context for the upcoming Beijing Games and what they mean for the emerging Chinese economy.

Panelists and speakers discussed a variety of vital issues facing China, including:

  • The Environment -- Preparing for the Olympics: Will the Clean-up Last? -- moderated by Michele Corash of Morrison & Foerster LLP
  • Marketing/Consumerism -- Communicating in China: Lost in Translation? -- moderated by Anders Bengtsson, assistant professor of management at Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School
  • The Economy -- China’s Economy is not a Zero-Sum, with speaker George Koo, director of Chinese Services Group

The Rosenberg Institute serves as Suffolk University’s lead platform for learning from and about East Asian history, economics, politics, and peoples. Each year, the Institute will promote exchanges among scholars, business leaders, analysts, faculty, and students through a series of seminars addressing vital topics in the field.


The Tsai-Fong Dance Troupe performs at the closing reception.

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