• "Less Guilty By Reason Of Adolescence?"

Children on Trial: Annual Juvenile Justice Center Conference

9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Friday, April 18, 2008
Suffolk University Law School
120 Tremont St., Boston

Anyone who works with young people knows they just don’t think or act like adults. They perceive risks differently. They are unduly influenced by peers. They don’t foresee probable consequences of behavior. They just don’t think or at least they don’t seem to. Why is this, and does any of it matter when the activity in question involves delinquent misconduct?

Less Guilty by Reason of Adolescence answers these questions through the hard science of adolescent neurological and psychosocial development. Hear what the experts have to say about how adolescent development is relevant to adolescent culpability for misconduct. Learn what neuroscience has to say about why adolescents don’t appreciate the consequences of their actions or decipher alternative ways of acting. Learn how adolescent neurological and psycho-social development is relevant to culpability for misconduct and to the judicial response to that misconduct. Inform your advocacy with the latest research on adolescent neurological and psycho-social development and current understanding of the natural trajectory of desistance from delinquent misconduct.

Sponsored with:
Committee for Public Counsel Service
Flaschner Judicial Institute
Suffolk University Law School's Juvenile Justice Center
Suffolk University Law School's Rappaport Center for Law & Public Service


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