• Panel on the occasion of International Women's Day

Panel also in the context of GVT 4/688 “UN & Humanitarian Governance”

Friday, March 7, 2008
Poetry Center, Sawyer Library, 73 Tremont Street

Moderating Chair: Luise Druke, Visiting Professor, Suffolk University

Panelists: Senior and Masters Students in Political Science/International Affairs, Public Policy and Urban Studies and Planning at Suffolk University, Harvard University and MIT:

 Andrea Seremet   Refugee policy in the European Union
Georgia Koumoundouros Sex Trafficking in South East Europe
Treva Panajoti Ethical consideration for humanitarian interventions
Charlene Julien  ‘Permanent Illegality’
Patricia Acosta Challenge of women working in public administration in Colombia
Jamille Bigio  Gender in UN humanitarian work
Sandra Zerbo  Report of the work of the ‘UN Commission on the Status of Women’, 23-29 February 2008, with focus on Africa


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