• Unity Week Opening Keynote

Discussing Diversity with Ruthie from MTV's Real World

Tuesday, March 25
Donahue Café

Ruthie Alcaide
Ruthie Alcaide from MTV’s Real World: Hawaii

Ruthie Alcaide was born in Jacksonville, Florida, as part of a triplet, and she’s definitely a survivor. Her family moved to Hawaii when she was two years old where she grew up in a foster home after her mother and father were separated. In 1996, she flew to New Jersey to attend Rutgers University where she studied journalism & mass media with a minor in psychology. Since filming of Real World in 1999, she’s traveled all over the country to various colleges and universities, speaking about her experiences from behind-the-scenes of the Real World, as well as drug & alcohol awareness, diversity, sexuality, racism and college life. She’s also made appearances on various TV shows such as ABC's The View and Queer Edge on Q-TV. She has done countless interviews for magazines, with features in OUT, US Weekly, People Magazine, Rolling Stone, as well as being on the cover of Curve.

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