• Art Student's Work Chosen for Newbury St. Exhibit
Christina Watka


New England School of Art & Design student Christina Watka received one of three awards given at the 19th Annual Student Show of the Copley Society of Art.

Ten student works were chosen for the Newbury Street exhibit, which was exhibited Feb. 8 - March 1, 2008.

Watka constructed her piece, Beryl, from a worn garment and thread. It won honorable mention.

"I have been working on a series of found garments, specifically lingerie," said Watka. "I form them over the female figure and hang them hollow in space to evoke a sense of femininity, absence, presence, and time passed.

"I am very interested in found, worn, or used materials, because they carry their own history; it's my job to use that history to express something. I started using lingerie that my grandmother, Beryl, gave me. With her name as the title for the entire series, I want to hint to my viewers that actual women wore these."

This was the second year that Watka’s work was included in the Copley Society Student Show.

Last year she won the Johnson Paints Creativity Award for
“Mouthpiece.” She created an interpretive likeness of Marilyn Monroe by applying lip gloss and lipstick to paper with her own mouth along with and a raised-paper likeness of Pamela Anderson she created by biting into the paper with her teeth.

Watka, a senior, is a fine arts major who also is studying theater and art history.





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