• Professor Gopinath Authors Book on Globalization


Professor C. Gopinath has written a new book, Globalization: A Multidimensional System, published by Sage Publications.
This book offers a different approach to the study of globalization. Gopinath suggests that to understand and effectively work in a global environment, one must also examine religion, politics, culture, and demography. Many business books written about globalization take a purely market-trade theory-economics perspecitve. 

Gopinath is chair and associate professor of International Business and Strategy department and is also Director of Undergraduate International Business Programs at the Business School. He specializes in Strategic Management (governance, organizational decline, and corporate restructuring) and International business (comparative management and strategic alliances). Gopinath has published his research in peer refereed journals such as the Business and Society Review, American Journal of Business, Journal of Management Research, Journal of Education for Business, Journal of the Academy of Business Education, Journal of Business Strategy, Journal of Management Education, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Development, Management International Review, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of International Business Studies and the Journal of Small Business Management. He is the author or co-author of two books; Strategize! Experiential Exercises in Strategic Management, and Managing in a Globalized World.

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