Condolences to Northern Illinois University


It is with great sadness that we learned of the events at Northern Illinois University, and our thoughts are with the campus community and the families struck by this tragedy.

I want to assure you that community safety and emergency preparedness are continuing priorities here at Suffolk University, particularly since the September 11 terrorist attacks. We have in place an Incident Command System Committee that meets weekly and is on the vanguard of emergency campus planning. Here are some highlights of our safety procedures:

  • Planning: Key people across the University have been trained in the Incident Command System – an emergency response program adopted by Homeland Security – and have been certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). They are well prepared to make prompt and appropriate decisions in times of crisis.
  • Communication: The University is able to send emergency voicemail, text messages, and e-mail alerts to students and to faculty, administrators, and staff, on and off-campus. Emergency notices will be posted to the Web site when appropriate.
  • Maintaining a Safe Community: If you see something that concerns you or in the event of an emergency on campus, call the Suffolk University Police emergency telephone number: 617-573-8111. From campus telephones, dial extension 8111. Our University police maintain a close working relationship with the Boston Police, Fire, and emergency services and with the State Police and will coordinate an appropriate response. University Police officers are on duty round the clock, and police and security officers staff residence hall entrance areas 24 hours a day.

We stand prepared to care for the safety of the Suffolk community and will keep you apprised as we continue to develop our plans.

David J. Sargent

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