Master’s Program in Ethics and Public Policy


The College of Arts and Sciences is introducing a new master’s program in Ethics and Public Policy, enrolling in fall 2008.

The master’s degree program will train leaders, executives, professionals, and aspiring scholars to identify and consider the complicated moral concerns associated with the corporate world, rapid developments in biotechnology, and the changing nature of warfare.

The departments of Philosophy and Government are collaborating to offer this interdisciplinary master’s program .

Students may tailor the program toward their personal interests and career goals.

Courses are available through the Philosophy and Government departments, as well as through the Public Administration Department at the Sawyer Business School.

Graduates of the program are expected to pursue ethics-related positions in governmental, non-governmental, professional, and business sectors, or they may continue their studies by pursuing law degrees or doctoral degrees in philosophy, political science and public policy.

“We are here to meet the need for people who can combine technical proficiency with an understanding of the larger moral questions arising  from their work,” said Professor Nir Eisikovits the director of the program. “Mastering the biological intricacies of genetic germline engineering is one thing. How such technology would alter our idea of what it means to be human is quite another.”

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