• The Art of African Head Wrap

Learn the history and art of making African head wraps

Monday, February 11
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Donahue 403

Headdress has always played an important part in African culture. Male head wraps symbolize wealth and social status, while female headdress is a sign of prosperity and spirituality. Inspired by African cultures, fashion designer / interior decorator Imani created Tafari African Head Wraps to encourage African Americans to reconnect with their roots.

Imani’s designs reflect a variety of global influences, which make them adaptable to many cultural expression, thus generating international appeal. She began her career in fashion designing at the age of twelve when she studied custom design under Gus and Lucy at the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts, then perfected her sewing skills at The Occupation Resource Center in Boston. After earning her degree in fashion merchandising at Fisher, she launched her own fashion collection designing Haute Couture evening wear, Head Wraps and Bridle gowns with a unique combination of luxurious African and European textile under her own Tafari label.

Her classic design has graced the runways in Boston, New York, London England and Lima. Some of her higher - profile clients have included the late Ruby Dee and Ozzie Davis, Miss Bermuda ( Heather Ross ), who wore a Tafari evening gown in the Miss World and The Miss Universe competition.

For more information about Imani and her collection, visit http://www.houseoftafaricollection.com/.

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