Week 11 "Survivor" Recap


Just one regular installment of Survivor: China will air before the December 16 two-hour finale on CBS-TV, and Suffolk graduate Courtney Yates '03 remains in the hunt to capture the $1 million jackpot.

All of the tribe members were surprisingly visited by a loved one. Coutney's father showed up with his British accent to be paired with her in a Reward Challenge called Marco Polo during which the couples try to navigate blindfolded through a huge maze. The presence of her dad did nothing to stave off her losing streak and she missed out on the chance for a big meal and a call back to the States. Call it the anti-New England Patriots streak, except she wins by continuing to lose. Maybe her luck would change for the worse and she'd be voted off the island if she finally wins a challenge. Wouldn't that be a twist?

Courtney once again will give it her all in Week 12, hoping to reach the finals of the reality TV series that continues to carry a pretty impressive audience in its seventh season.

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