"The Mask Behind the Face"

Hillary Clinton impersonator Heidi Dallin greets Catherine Lynch and Ki Williams.


Hillary Clinton impersonator Heidi Dallin was the guest speaker in English Professor Thomas Connolly’s “The Mask Behind the Face” freshman seminar class in late November. 

The students were momentarily startled when they turned to see the Clinton look-alike as she entered the classroom from the rear.

“With Heidi’s appearance, I’m hoping to teach my students that in all aspects of life, things may not be what they seem and to always keep a critical eye,” said Connolly.

Dallin has been impersonating one of the most recognizable women in the world since 1992, appearing as the presidential candidate and former first lady at corporate events and conventions, charity fund-raisers, and private parties. She has been profiled nationally on CNN and "Inside Edition."

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