Week 10 "Survivor" Recap


After a Thanksgiving night episode in which host Jeff Probst gave a recap of the first nine weeks, the remaining tribe members on Survivor: China returned to their normal skullduggery on the November 29 show.

James Clement failed to use one of the two Immunity Idols he possessed and fell victim to people with whom he had formed an alliancewhich included Suffolk's entrant in the CBS reality TV show, Courtney Yates.

The 2003 CAS graduate may not have been rewarded with a relaxing trip as in weeks past, but she did tie for first place during the first round of a challenge in which the tribemates threw metal stars at a target to accumulate points. Courtney has yet to win a challenge, but she continues to associate with the right people each week to avoid having her torch snuffed at the weekly Tribal Council vote.

According to TVGuide.com, "it's anybody's game now." Six people remain with two episodes to go until the finale in which the Final Four will find out on live television if they will win the $1 million jackpot. Will Courtney's star continue to shine, or will she be finally thwarted?

We have a sneaking suspicion that Suffolk Nation should block out 8-10 p.m.on December 16.

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