Week 9 "Survivor" Recap


On the November 15 episode of the CBS reality show Survivor: China,Courtney Yates discovered the hard way: all really is fair in love and war.

The 2003 Suffolk alumnae decided to cast away her budding romance with Michael "Frosti" Zernowa relationship that would have put her in jeopardy with her other tribe mates because the pair had the potential to join forces and dominate the show until the December 16 finaleand thus joined the majority to vote him off the island.

As fellow contestant Denise Martin (who, like Courtney, is a Massachusetts native) noted just before the Tribal Council vote, "There is no loyalty in a game like this."

On a Thanksgiving night recap of the show to date, viewers will learn about the cliffhanger host Jeff Probst alluded to at the end of this week's installment.  The seven remaining contestants will continue to conspire and backstab in their attempt to reach the December 16 finale when one person on live TV will win the $1 million jackpot.

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