• Sawyer, Ridgeway Buildings Get Lighting Makeover


Suffolk University Lighting Retrofit Benefits Environment

New, brighter, and more efficient lighting were installed in Suffolk University’s Sawyer and Ridgeway buildings in October as part of the University’s commitment to sustainability and greening the campus.

The University took advantage of high-efficiency lighting technology in working with Northern Energy Services to replace inefficient lighting and install more than 1,600 new elements, including high-performing fluorescents and ballasts and dual-technology occupancy sensors.

Updating lighting will save both energy and money. Suffolk University will receive $20,000 in rebates from NStar. And the increased efficiency from these two buildings, which comprise 17 percent of the campus’ gross square footage, are expected to save about $64,000 per year, a 50 percent savings in energy costs. In terms of environmental impact, the two projects are projected to reduce CO2 emissions by 250 tons. 

Additional lighting retrofits and water conservation projects will be implemented in the coming months as Suffolk University works with the energy management company Ameresco to further reduce the campus’ environmental impact, thereby conserving natural resources and dollars.

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