Week 7 "Survivor" Recap


Courtney Yates, the 2003 Suffolk University graduate, is fighting back against a fellow tribe mate as she vies to reach the finals on Survivor: China.

Now that the show is down to 10 players, show host Jeff Probst declared the two tribes merged and the now-unified group celebrated with a feast with Chinese delicacies (no eels or turtles this time around!) and a traditional Chinese acrobat show.

After the festivities, our 26-year-old Melrose native and current New York City resident continued her attempt to toss her nemesis, professional poker player Jean-Robert Bellande, from the island, using the new members of the renamed Hae Da Fung (Black Fighting Wind) as potential new allies in her efforts. Don’t really know what that name means, but they have the fighting part down pretty good.

Courtney fumed about how tribe mates Amanda and Todd “suck up” to Jean-Robert, saying, “I dislike everyone else more than I dislike Todd and Amanda. I think they mistake that for friendship.”

Such venom! Still, in a show with ever-changing alliances, back stabbing, and all-around nastiness, nice guys or gals probably will finish last and thus miss out on the $1 million prize awaiting the Sole Survivor.

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