Week 4 "Survivor" recap


Suffolk University 2003 alumna Courtney Yates survived a fourth straight week of Survivor: China, the hit CBS reality series.

However, according to cbs.com and scores of other sites that closely monitor the show, Courtney’s time as a member of the Fei Long tribe may be coming to an end. Her petite frame and lack of physical strength remains a negative with her mates, but the group once again defeated the Zhan Lu tribe during the Reward and Immunity challenges. As a result, Courtney’s team evaded the Tribal Council and avoided a second trip to Tribal Council, when that week’s losing team must vote one of their own off the island.

The 26-year-old Melrose native has either been kept out of the challenges or been unable to secure a victory for her mates when competing, including this week’s challenge when the teams were decked out in traditional Chinese armor and squared in an attempt to break porcelain vases. While Courtney’s efforts during her round were unsuccessful—the armor appeared to outweigh her—the  tribe’s stronger members eventually carried the day.

Meanwhile, Courtney’s emerging nemesis, Jean-Robert—an unlikable sort who last week manipulated the team to vote another member off the island—has begun predicting Courtney’s demise to the rest of the tribe. According to the CBS Web site, he announces: “Courtney’s always the weak link in every challenge. If she survives the next Tribal Council, she will be the luckiest girl in Survivor history.” 

In the end, Courtney and her tribe get a fish dinner prepared by a local family, they bicker and conspire (and what would be a show without that?), and they move on to next week’s show when we here at Suffolk hope they continue to avoid Tribal Council.

For those of you who are new to Survivor-mania, check out Courtney’s pre-show video and a short biography.

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