Week 3 "Survivor" recap


Things got a bit dicey for Suffolk alumna Courtney Yates on the third installment of Survivor: China, broadcast on October 4.

While Courtney is still part of the Fei Long team, things began to get a bit unsettling when one of her own teammates began to look at her as a weak link due to her petite size and a main target for being voted off the island.

At this point of the program, feats of strength (not the Seinfeld kind. But on second thought…) have become very important, and team members begin narrowing down those who stand in their way.  Courtney was excluded from a hand-to-hand boat brawl, and had a difficult time with the sword swing. Perhaps her assets will emerge when (and if) the challenges move on to brainier matters—if she makes it that far.

Courtney continues to display the feistiness in her video interview, as noted in the following passage from the official CBS Web site: “Sleep is hard to achieve for the women of Fei Long as they desperately try to avoid the nightly snuggle by the cold and cuddly Jean-Robert, who is looking for warmth. ‘Like I’m going to keep anyone warm! I weigh seven pounds…I can’t even keep myself warm! Get off of me!’”

And here’s what she said at the Tribal Council when casting her vote against Jean-Robert—who wants to bounce her from the tribe:
“I’m voting for you because when you snore it sounds like someone is choking a walrus.”

You go, girl!

Teammate James—who far and away is the most popular contestant on the official CBS web site (he is favored by 41 percent of those taking the poll, while Courtney has a mere 2 percent)—is now expressing some, ahem, interest in Courtney. However, the 2003 CAS grad overhead him talking to Jean-Robert that she should be voted off, so it remains to be seen how that twist turns.

Ultimately, the tribe voted off fellow mate Leslie because she spilled the beans to the Zhan Lu tribe while she was “kidnapped,” giving our Suffolk alum another week to keep her flame alive.

Confused? Tune in next Thursday, October 11, at 8 p.m. on CBS and follow Courtney as she tries to fend off her teammates and win the $1 million prize as the last survivor.


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