Romney Pushing For A Swift Exit


BOSTON - Jane Swift, the state's first woman governor, is struggling to survive, according to a recent poll taken by Suffolk University graduate students. If the Republican primary were held today, Swift would fall far behind in the gubernatorial contest to Olympic chairman Mitt Romney by a whopping margin of 74% to 18%.

If Romney does not run for Governor, Swift could still be in serious political trouble. Paired against three possible Democratic rivals, Swift would come up short to Senate President Thomas Birmingham and Former Treasury Secretary Robert Reich by 13% each. In addition, Swift would fall badly to State Treasurer Shannon O'Brien by a wide margin of 19%.

According to the Suffolk University poll, the Democratic primary is still too close to call. Robert Reich (25.3%) edged Shannon O'Brien (24.5%) with the remaining candidates, including Thomas Birmingham, Steve Grossman and Warren Tolman, securing single digit numbers.

When asked what are the most important issues facing our next Governor, respondents indicated the state budget (38.3%), followed by education (25.0%), taxes (16.7%), and unemployment (11.2%).

The Suffolk University Poll was conducted from March 8-11, 2002. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4.75% at a 95% level of confidence. The poll was conducted statewide and had 420 respondents. All respondents indicated they were likely voters.

Summary of Results:

Ballot Test Governor Democratic Primary
Democrats & Unenrolled Voters Leaning Democratic (Sub sample 229)
Robert Reich 25.3
Shannon O'Brien 24.5
Thomas Birmingham 07.9
Steve Grossman 06.1
Warren Tolman 00.4
Undecided/Refused 35.8

Ballot Test Governor Republican Primary
Republicans & Unenrolled Voters Leaning Republican (Sub sample 114)
Mitt Romney 73.7
Jane Swift 17.5
Undecided/Refused 08.8

Ballot Test Governor Final Election
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Thomas Birmingham 45.5
Jane Swift 32.9
Undecided/Refused 21.7

Ballot Test Governor Final Election
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Shannon O'Brien 44.3
Jane Swift 25.0
Undecided/Refused 30.7

Ballot Test Governor Final Election
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Robert Reich 42.1
Jane Swift 28.8
Undecided/Refused 29.0

Ballot Test Governor Final Election
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Mitt Romney 44.0
Thomas Birmingham 28.6
Undecided/Refused 27.4

Ballot Test Governor Final Election
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Mitt Romney 39.5
Shannon O'Brien 34.5
Undecided/Refused 26.0

Ballot Test Governor Final Election
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Mitt Romney 39.5
Robert Reich 31.2
Undecided/Refused 29.3

Most Important Issue (Pre-code)
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Budget 38.3
Education 25.0
Taxes 16.7
Unemployment 11.2

Approve of Clean Elections Law (Explained)
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Yes 70.7
No 20.5
Undecided/Refused 08.8

Has Clean Elections Law Established Fairness
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Agree 26.7
Disagree 35.7
Undecided/Refused 37.6

State Income Tax Increase to Balance Budget
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Would support a state income tax of 5.5% or higher 34.5
No state income tax increase at all 60.0
Undecided 05.5

Which Tax Initiative Would you favor to Balance Budget
All Voters Total (Sample 420)
Increase cigarette tax 53.1
Increase alcohol tax 25.7
Increase the gas tax 06.2
Increase tolls 04.3
Undecided 10.7

Who Do you Blame for the "Big Dig" Overruns & Delays
All Voters Total (Sample 420)/Multiple Response Accepted
Big Dig Contractors 49.3
Mass. State Legislature 27.1
Cellucci Administration 26.4
Weld Administration 23.1
Dukakis Administration 15.0
Swift Administration 14.5
Other 01.7
Undecided 17.9

Suffolk University has produced 70 pages of cross-tabulation tables available by request courtesy of the Government Department or by calling Adjunct Prof. David Paleologos at 781-290-9310.


For more information, please contact Tony Ferullo at 617-573-8448 or David Paleologos at 781-290-9310.

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