Week 2 "Survivor" recap


It was another exciting week for the cast of Survivor: China. Our intrepid alumna, Courtney Yates '03, remains a member of the Fei Long tribe that is trouncing its Zhan Lu counterparts after two weeks of broadcasts.  Two members of the Zhan Hu team have been tossed, and all indications point toward Courtney's team continuing its dominance.
Here's the official review from TV Guide: "The Fei Long tribe continued to prove its superiority in challenges last week by winning both the reward and the immunity contests. They are now four for four in head-to-head competitions. If Zhan Hu loses immunity again, irritating leader Dave just might be reunited with evicted enemy Ashley sooner than he thinks. This week, the teams play for comfort items (pillows, blankets, a tarp) in a boat challenge. The winner kidnaps an opposing tribe member, who bonds with the other team over issues of faith. But is it in good faith?"
Oh, the intrigue, the deception, the mud!
Tidbits from the enormous number of Web sites that follow the show like it's a political horse race indicate that Courtney will be generating some attention from her fellow Flying Dragon, so you'll have to tune in and see if there is any truth to that.
In case you missed it, here she talks about a lot of things in a video interview made after Week 1.
Week 1 recap.

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