TeleCom City University Virtual Catalog Now Available


Charlestown, MA – June 28, 2002 – Officials from TeleCom City, higher education and business today announced the launch of a new web portal dedicated to telecommunications and IT education and training.

“The telecommunications industry is an important core industry cluster of the Massachusetts economy,” said Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn, chair of the Mystic Valley Development Commission which oversees the TeleCom City project. “Our workforce must acquire the skills necessary to grow the industry in the Commonwealth. The TeleCom City University Virtual Catalog will assist those interested in beginning or advancing their careers at TeleCom City and in the telecommunications industry.”

The virtual catalog at allows learners to find courses at seven universities and colleges in the area through a single web site. “It’s one stop shopping for learners,” said McGlynn.

The seven participating institutions are: Boston University, Bunker Hill Community College, Middlesex Community College, Northeastern University, Springfield Technical Community College/National Center for Telecommunications Technologies, Suffolk University and University of Massachusetts Boston. Public announcement of this initiative took place this morning at Bunker Hill Community College.

Everett Mayor David Ragucci, vice chair of the Commission said, “These institutions have been enthusiastic about working together to reach more people and increasing the pool of skilled workers for the telecommunications industry.”

“The telecommunications industry is skills driven,” said Katherine Raphaelson, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Telecommunications Council. “We at the MTC are delighted to see this University Consortium of the TeleCom City initiative organize a web portal specifically designed to encourage careers in the telecommunications industry,” Raphaelson said.

The web portal will list telecommunications and IT related credit and non-credit courses available to interested students and incumbent workers. The catalogue of program offerings will also include courses in fundamentals such as English as a Second Language. There will also be links to the participating institutions’ home page where interested persons can register on line.

The TeleCom City University Consortium met since last summer to plan this web portal initiative. “We believe today’s telecommunications workforce will require skills and the ability to upgrade those skills,” said Commission Secretary/Treasurer, Malden Mayor Richard C. Howard. “That is why we are beginning now by establishing this virtual catalog as part of our ongoing program to create a Lifelong Learning Center at TeleCom City to provide on-site and on-line education and training opportunities for our regional workforce.”

“We believe today’s telecommunications workforce will require skills and the ability to upgrade these skills throughout one’s career,” said Nancy Brown, Executive Director of Metro North Regional Employment Board.

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