One Month Later: America Speaks Out


On Thursday, October 11th, in support of the victims of the September 11th tragedy, the Suffolk University community and 96.9 FM Talk sponsored a timely and informative "Town Meeting." Students, faculty, and the public were invited to voice their opinions, concerns and feelings one month following the September 11, 2001 national tragedy. The broadcast and discussion were held in the McLaughlin Moot Courtroom of Suffolk University Law School.

Laura Ingraham, one of America’s foremost political analysts and satirists, hosted the special evening. The Laura Ingraham Show, which is nationally syndicated on 96.9 FM Talk each weeknight, aired "LIVE" to 160 radio stations across the country. She was also joined by another 96.9 FM personality, Jay Severin, who made his second return to the Suffolk campus. Other distinguished call-ins included, United States Senator John Kerry and WCVB reporter Mike Barnicle. Some of the topics discussed were international relations, national security, economic impact, collage ROTC programs, and the ever-changing American culture.

In support of the recent national tragedy, donations were, and can still be made to the "September 11th Fund" sponsored by the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and 96.9 FM Talk. Every dollar donated will go towards immediate support of established emergency assistance agencies, such as the American Red Cross.

Checks can be made payable to:

The September 11th Fund, 96.9 FM Talk
PO Box 3800-69
Boston, MA 02241.

Please contact the Office of Public Affairs, Suffolk University, at 617-573-8508 with any questions.

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