Global Vision Takes Suffolk MBAs to China


Across the US, the globalization of business has motivated business schools to expose MBA students to a wide variety of international business and cultural issues. Each spring, Suffolk University offers several overseas electives to MBA students. For close to 20 years, Suffolk MBAs have traveled to South Africa, Argentina, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Italy, and Spain.

In May 2002, 27 students traveled to China for an intense study of the Chinese economy and culture. In partnership with Renmin University in Beijing, students visited private and state owned enterprises to learn the intricate details of business in China. Students also visited Tiananmen Square, attended Chinese Opera, and visited the Great Wall.

The ‘02 China Seminar proved to be an extraordinary experience for two Suffolk MBA students who were invited by the China Financial Policy Research Center at Renmin University to present comments on the New Basel Capital Accord to Chinese faculty and students in finance during a special conference on the global program. The New Basel Capital Accord is a financial framework, drafted by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, based in Basel, Switzerland. Its intent is to improve safety and soundness in the world financial system through three areas: greater risk sensitivity; encouraging international banks to deploy internal methodologies, supervisory review, and market discipline for measuring risk and capital requirements; and promoting flexibility through various approaches and incentives for better risk management.

“Cross-cultural exchanges are invaluable to business education. They allow us to exchange ideas with students and professors from other countries, which has become extremely important to understanding the world in which we live,” said William J. O’Neill, Dean of Suffolk’s Sawyer School of Management.

Dr. Zhongyang Chen, Professor of Finance and Director of the Research Department of the China Financial Policy Research Center at Remin University, invited the Suffolk MBA students to participate in the New Basel Capital Accord discussion. Dr. Chen is an expert on Chinese economics and finance and possesses a state-of-the-art understanding of China’s emerging financial and business systems under economic reform. Suffolk MBA students will receive an added insight into business in China when Dr. Chen joins the faculty of the Sawyer School of Management in the fall of 2002.

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