• Transgender Health and Wellness

Samuel Lurie presents lecture in new series

October 25, 2007
McDermott Conference Room (Donahue 128)

Samuel Lurie presents "Transgender Health and Wellness" as part of the Women's Health graduate program's Interdisciplinary Perspectives Series. The term "transgender" is increasingly more common, but what exactly is the "T" in GLBT? How is transphobia different than homophobia and why is it important to work against both? This workshop will address issues for members of the Transgender community—specific barriers to health care, risks for HIV, and sources of pride—and how they differ (and overlap) with issues of the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual communities. Through examining these issues in an interactive format—and looking at gender variance from a historical and cross-cultural perspective—participants will gain tools to serve and advocate for transgendered people in their communities. The presenter is a transgender activist and health trainer, committed to addressing these issues in a safe, engaging format. All levels of experience or understanding of transgender issues welcome.

Open to the entire campus community.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Women's Health and Human Rights, the Office of Diversity Services, the Dean of Students Office, and by Health Services and Health Education.

For more information contact mawh@suffolk.edu or 617.994.4222.

This event is also part of LGBT History Month.

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