SSOM Incubator Open for Business


The Sawyer School is proud to announce the opening of TSI, The Sawyer School Incubator. TSI is staffed by Sawyer School faculty and members of the Entrepreneurial Studies Advisory Board. Located on the twelfth floor of the Sawyer building, the facility provides office space and new venture support for Suffolk alumni, students and faculty who are thinking of starting their own businesses.

"We want to do everything we can to make it easier for our students and alumni to succeed in today's fast-paced startup climate. We offer everything they might need, from seed capital and space all the way to the IPO," said Charles Shelly, director of TSI. According to Professor Edward Jarvis, "Any Suffolk student, graduate or employee is eligible. All you need to do is send us your idea expressed in either a business or feasibility plan." The types of questions that will need to be answered in the plan include: Does the idea appear to be an opportunity? Is there a chance for this venture to be successful? Who is on the management team? Is there a market for the product or service?

Start-up funds for this program will be in the form of grants from various organizations, some of whom, choose to remain anonymous. The goal is for the program to be self-supporting by year five.

If you would like more information on TSI, contact Ed Jarvis at (617) 573-8371 or; Robert DeFillippi at (617) 573-8243 or; or Charles Shelley at (617) 573-8377 or

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