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Healthcare Strategic Management

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'The success of any healthcare organization depends on the ability of its leaders and managers to continuously identify, evaluate and address the key issues and challenges facing the organization. This capstone course for Healthcare explores the essential elements of strategic management: the foundation (including Systems Thinking), strategic analysis, and strategy development and implementation. Using provocative case studies from healthcare and other fields, students conduct sophisticated internal assessments of organizational strengths and weaknesses as well as external assessments of opportunities and threats/challenges, identify strategic and operational issues, and develop strategies and action steps to address the issues. For the final project, each student develops a strategic plan for a healthcare organization or conducts a research project on a healthcare organization or strategic issue of particular interest (e.g., the nursing shortage). Fundamentally, this course focuses on applying strategic and systemic thinking in diagnosing organizational circumstances and developing strategies for "what to do next." This course is the capstone of the MHA Program and should be taken in the last semester of coursework.'