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Boiling Mad: the Tea Party and the Battle Over History & the Constitution


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This course will seek to examine the roots, funding and ideology of the Tea Party movement. The course will explore whether the movement's central claim - that "lower taxes plus less government equals more freedom" - is true in the modern era of multinational corporations. The course will then examine two of the movement's central concerns: 1) strictly adhering to the "original intent" of the framers of the United States Constitution; and 2) that America was founded as a "Christian nation,"" and that "church and state should not, therefore, be divided by a wall of separation" - have any merit. The course will involve students in the reading and discussion of original sources related to the Constitution and to the Founding Fathers' religion and their views on liberty of religious conscience. We will also examine and discuss modern works - both pro and con - that analyze the Tea Party movement.