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Name Description
ADIA-850 Contemporary Issues & Criticism in Interior Architecture This course covers advanced theory and study of contemporary issues an ... Read More »
ADIA-853 Seminar in Social & Behavioral Aspects Of Interior Architecture This course addresses the study of how people interpret, evaluate, and ... Read More »
ADIA-856 Building Components & Structure in Interior Architecture In this course, students will learn contemporary language, theories, a ... Read More »
ADIA-858 Project Management & Administration In this course, students develop knowledge of project management conce ... Read More »
ADIA-861 Professional Practicum The Professional Practicum is a supervised practical work experience w ... Read More »
ADIA-863 Education Practicum The Educational Practicum is a preparatory experience with observation ... Read More »
ADIA-900 IA Directed Study Directed Study allows students to pursue an in-depth research project ... Read More »
ADIA-938 Research Inquiry In this course, student will develop the knowledge and skills to plan ... Read More »
ADIA-940 Thesis Research This course covers directed thesis research focusing on the continued ... Read More »
ADIA-S900 IA Directed Studio Directed Studio allows students to pursue an in-depth research project ... Read More »
ADIA-S910 Interior Architecture Independent Studio An Independent Studio provides the student with the opportunity to exa ... Read More »
ADIA-S942 MFA Thesis Design Thesis Design is a detailed, selected, visual and written investigatio ... Read More »
ADIA-S944 MFA Thesis Documentation This course is a directed thesis study in which students document and ... Read More »