2011-2012 Archived Catalog Information

  • Major Requirements

Information Systems Major Requirements
The Information Systems (IS) major consists of a minimum of 21 credit hours, including four (4) required and three (3) elective ISOM courses, beyond ISOM 120 - Information Technology & Productivity Tools, and ISOM 310 - Management Information Systems.

IS Major Required Courses, 4 Courses, 12 Credits
ISOM 313 Systems Analysis and Design
ISOM 314 Structured Programming (Fall semester only)
ISOM 423 Database Management
ISOM 424 Systems Prototyping Project (Spring semester only)

IS Major Elective Courses, 3 Courses, 9 Credits
ISOM 212 Web Design
ISOM 244 Web Application Development
ISOM 325 Managing Networks and Telecommunications
ISOM 331 Global Electronic Commerce
ISOM 340 Security and Privacy
ISOM 341 Total Quality and Project Management
ISOM 342 IT Architecture, Administration & Management
ISOM 414 Object-Oriented Programming
ISOM 440 Enterprise Integration and Process Reengineering
ISOM 444 Advanced Internet Application Development
ISOM 445 Data Mining & Business Intelligence
ISOM 510 Independent Study

ISOM 550 Special Topics in Information Systems and Operations Management

Information Systems/Information Technology Experiential Component, Non-Credit
Students must also complete ISOM 560 - Experiential Component, which involves 150 hours of professional information systems or information technology experience gained through a non-credit practicum, internship, part- or full-time employment, or through a cooperative education position through Suffolk’s Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education. As a part of the practical experience requirement, students may also choose to enroll in ISOM 520, Internship in Information Systems (a 3-credit course). ISOM 520 cannot be used as one of the three IS major electives, although it may be used as a free elective.

Some required courses are offered only once during an academic year.  It is the students’ responsibility to work with their academic advisor to develop a program of study to ensure that course prerequisites are satisfied.  Students may transfer a maximum of two courses towards their IS major, one of the five required courses and one of the electives.  At least six major courses must be ISOM department courses.  Prior approval is required for using a non-ISOM course for a major elective.

Pre-Fall 2006 Curriculum
Students entering prior to Fall 2006 may elect to follow the curriculum introduced in Fall 2006 or the one that was in effect when they started at Suffolk. It is suggested that all students transition to the newer curriculum. For those students following the pre-Fall 2006 curriculum, please consult with the ISOM department.