2011-2012 Archived Catalog Information

  • Major Requirements

Music History Major and Music History Minor available through the Department of Humanities and Modern Languages.

Music History Major


MUH 101 History of Music I
MUH 102 History of Music II

8 Advanced Courses

1. 6– 8 Music Courses

Chosen from the following:
MUH 210 Music of the Twentieth Century
MUH 211 Music of the United States
MUH 221 History of Women in Music 
MUH 223 World Music
MUH 225 Music Around Boston
MUH 227 Jazz
MUH 229 Opera
MUH 231 Music of Africa
MUH 233 The Blues
MUH 335 Music of Mozart
MUH 337 Music of Beethoven
MUH 510 Independent Study in Music History

2. Related Options: A Maximum of 2 Courses

May be chosen from the following:
MUH 110
Any HUM course offering at level 200 or above

  • AP Credit: not applicable
  • A maximum of 3 courses taken at other institutions or as part of a study abroad program may apply toward the major.
  • Departmental Honors: Candidates must register for MUH 502 in the fall semester of the senior year and complete a senior thesis under the supervision of a faculty member. MUH 502 counts toward completion of the major.