2011-2012 Archived Catalog Information

  • Major/Minor Requirements

Required Core Component, 20 Credits

EC 141 Transition and Developing Economies* or EC 151  Economic and Human Geography*
GVT 281 Introduction to Comparative Politics*
HST 276 History of Modern Latin America
SPAN 302 Hispanic Culture II: Latin America
SOC 227 Race in American Society* or SOC 228 Cultural Diversity and Human Needs* 

Elective Courses, 20 Credits

At least two of the five related courses must constitute a concentration in a single discipline or an interdisciplinary field. Course selections will be made in consultation with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies advisor.

Communication and Journalism

CJN 218 Photojournalism*
CJN 255 Introduction to Media*
CJN 385 Globalization of Media and Telecommunications*
CJN 491 Special Topics*


EC 430 International Trade*
EC 442 International Monetary Economics*


GVT 312 Government and Politics of Puerto Rico
GVT 313 The Atlantic Triangle
GVT 387 Caribbean and Central American Politics
GVT 393 Politics of Mexico
GVT 397 South America: Political Institutions and Political Change
GVT 466 Free Trade Policy*
GVT 469 Human Rights*
GVT 486 Political Economy of Latin America
GVT 505 Studies in Government*
GVT 507 Government Study Trip*
GVT 524 Washington Internship Seminar (Summer)**
GVT 525 Washington Internship Seminar **
GVT 526 International Internship/Seminar I, II**
GVT 528 International Seminar I
GVT 529 International Seminar II


HST 273 A History of Gender in Latin America
HST 276 History of Modern Latin America
HST 277 Early Mesoamerican Life and Culture
HST 278 Mexico Since the Spanish Conquest
HST 280  A History of U.S.-Latin America Relations Since 1800
HST 284 Latin American Social Revolutions
HST 285 The Colonial History of L. A. and the Caribbean
HST 291 American Foreign Relations to 1898
HST 325 Exploration, Colonization and Imperialism*
HST 360 Native America: From Pre-History to the Trail of Tears
HST 361 Native America: 1832 to the Present
HST 377 Roots & Routes-Caribbean & Latin American Diasporas
HST 378 Environmental History of Latin America
HST 396 The African Diaspora
HST 440 A History of Latin American Festivals, Dance & Music
HST 441 Social Movements in Latin America and the Caribbean
HST 507 Study Trip to El Salvador, A History & Learning Experience

Humanities/Hispanic Studies/Caribbean Studies

FR 205 The Francophone World
FR 313 Fictions d’îles: Memory, History and Identity in Caribbean Literature
SPAN 390 Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Literature
SPAN 400 Transatlantic Vistas: Cultural Interactions between Spain and Latin America
SPAN 402 Social Literature of Latin America
SPAN 405 Women’s Voices in Latin America
SPAN 407 Latin American Short Narrative
SPAN 408 Latin American Cinema
SPAN 414 Masterpieces in Latin American Literature in English Translation
SPAN 416 Border Crossings: The Latino Experience in the United States
SPAN 418 Through the Eyes of the Storyteller/Latin American Fiction and Film
SPAN 425 Literature and Art in Latin America
SPAN 426 Latin American Theatre and Society
SPAN 427 Border Theatre in the New Millennium
SPAN 428 From Script to Performance: Contemporary Latin American Theatre


SOC 227 Race in American Society*
SOC 347 Immigration Law and Policy*
SOC 327– 330 Special Topics in General Sociology*