2011-2012 Archived Catalog Information

  • Minor Requirements

Art History Minor

Six courses, 24 hours total

Foundation Requirement, 2 Courses, 8 Credits

ARH 101 (or ADF 181)*
ARH 102 (or ADF 182)*
*ADF 181 and 182 offered through NESAD

Upper Level Course Requirement, 4 Courses, 16 Credits

Chosen from among the following Humanities courses:

ARH 305  Art of Greece and Rome
ARH 306  Art of the Middle Ages
ARH 307  Art of the Italian Renaissance
ARH 308  Art of the Baroque and Rococo
ARH 309  Art of the 19th Century
ARH 310  Modernism in Art
ARH 311  American Art
ARH 312  Art of the Northern Renaissance
ARH 316  Contemporary Art
ARH 318  Art and Museums Today
ARH 320  Visual Culture of New England
ARH 321  Women, Art, and Society
ARH 347   History of Photography
ARH 401  Seminar in Art History


  • A relevant Seminar for Freshmen with a strong concentration in art history or visual culture may also count toward the minor requirements.
  • Upper-level art history courses taken at other institutions or through study abroad must be approved by the student’s art history advisor (preferably prior to being taken), and must not overlap significantly with any other upper-level art history course(s) counted toward the minor.
  • Except under special circumstances approved by the student’s art history advisor, at least four of the six courses (16 of the 24 credit hours) must be fulfilled through coursework offered by the Department of Humanities and Modern Languages.
  • AP credit cannot be applied toward the minor.