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Name Description
CMPSC-910 CMPSC Independent Study Guided study on a topic at an advanced level. ... Read More »
CMPSC-F600 Computer Science This is a rigorous introduction to computer science in Java with an em ... Read More »
CMPSC-F601 Intermediate Programming The second course in Java programming emphasizes object-oriented progr ... Read More »
CMPSC-F602 Assembly Language Introduction to computer architecture and machine language programming ... Read More »
CMPSC-F603 Data Structures & Algorithms Includes topics such as strings, stacks, queues, lists, trees, graphs, ... Read More »
CMPSC-F604 Introduction to Computer Architecture This course deals with the structure and operation of the major hardwa ... Read More »
CMPSC-F605 Operating Systems This course presents an overview of modern operating systems, from the ... Read More »
CMPSC-F606 Organization of Program Languages An introduction to functional programming and to the meaning and imple ... Read More »
CMPSC-F607 Introduction to Database Systems Introduction to the purpose and nature of database systems. Topics co ... Read More »
CMPSC-F608 Object Oriented Programming Object-Oriented Programming in C++ is taught using Trolltech's multi-p ... Read More »
CMPSC-F615 Software Engineering This course introduces the fundamental principles of software engineer ... Read More »
CMPSC-F623 Analysis of Algorithms Basic techniques of design for sequential, parallel and probabilistic ... Read More »
CMPSC-F629 Bioinformatics This course will cover challenges of computational aspect of data acqu ... Read More »
CMPSC-F635 Advanced Operating Systems This course is intended to be a continuation of CMPSC 605. The emphas ... Read More »
CMPSC-F641 Advanced Databases Data models, query languages, query optimization, concurrency control, ... Read More »
CMPSC-F643 Intermediate Computer Graphics This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of computer graph ... Read More »
CMPSC-F665 Compilers Basic techniques in lexical analysis, parsing, storage allocation, tra ... Read More »
CMPSC-F667 Computer Architecture Architecture of sequential and parallel computers including topics in ... Read More »
CMPSC-F671 Networks Network topologies, ISO reference model, physical network layer, data- ... Read More »
CMPSC-F672 Multimedia Netwroking The course will cover concepts that underlie the transport of continuo ... Read More »
CMPSC-F673 Parallel Processing Topics in programming models, architectures, algorithms and compilatio ... Read More »
CMPSC-F675 Wireless Networking This course focuses on wireless networking technologies and mobile com ... Read More »
CMPSC-F677 Computer and Network Security This graduate-level course is an introduction to the fundamentals and ... Read More »
CMPSC-F679 Network Design Hands-on, lab oriented course in the typical designs, architectures, a ... Read More »
CMPSC-M611 Math for Scientists and Engineers Topics mostly selected from the following list: complex numbers (i, ar ... Read More »
CMPSC-M612 Discrete Mathematics Topics mostly selected from the following list: Logic and set theory, ... Read More »