2011-2012 Archived Catalog Information

  • Sociology Courses
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Name Description
SOC-113 Introduction to Sociology An introduction to the sociological understanding of human interaction ... Read More »
SOC-116 Social Problems An examination of traditional and contemporary problems associated wit ... Read More »
SOC-212 Statistics for Sociology In this course, students will be introduced to descriptive and basic i ... Read More »
SOC-214 Research Methods in Sociology How sociologists decide what to study, how they select a research desi ... Read More »
SOC-217 Sociology of Urban Life An examination of the effects of the city on human life in its broades ... Read More »
SOC-218 Crime and Law in Indian Country What happens if you commit a crime on an Indian reservation? Who wil ... Read More »
SOC-220 Childhood and Adolescence in Contemporary Society This course examines the development of children and adolescents from ... Read More »
SOC-222 Women in Struggle on Film Women's struggles in arenas from war to labor disputes will be examine ... Read More »
SOC-223 Families in Contemporary Society An exploration of the diversity of contemporary families. Comparisons ... Read More »
SOC-224 Families in Contemporary Society (Spain) Spain has experienced major socio demographic changes since the mid 19 ... Read More »
SOC-225 Sociology of Romance The meaning of romance and courtship today and its social consequences ... Read More »
SOC-226 Religion in Contemporary Society An examination of the fundamental purpose and functions of religion in ... Read More »
SOC-227 Race in American Society Despite the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States ... Read More »
SOC-228 Culture Diversity & Human Need Enables students to examine, as well as develop an awareness and appre ... Read More »
SOC-229 Social Class and Inequality This course examines the difference between the life experience of tho ... Read More »
SOC-230 Bad Girls This class explores the images of the traditional bad girl in films. T ... Read More »
SOC-231 Victims of Crime In recent years, public attention to victims of crime has grown enormo ... Read More »
SOC-234 Criminal Justice Systems An overview of issues and social variables involved in the pre-arrest ... Read More »
SOC-235 Sociology of Law Law and legal systems are examined in contemporary society. Emphasis ... Read More »
SOC-236 Deviance and Social Control Who and what is deviant? How shall the society respond? The course e ... Read More »
SOC-237 Drugs and Society This course examines the sociological issues revolving around drug use ... Read More »
SOC-238 Cops & Robbers: Crime on Film An examination of images of crime and justice portrayed in the America ... Read More »
SOC-239 Men and Violence An exploration of the nature of masculinity and its connection to inte ... Read More »
SOC-240 Drugs and Society I Most Americans think of prohibited substances such as marijuana, cocai ... Read More »
SOC-241 Drugs and Society II Illegal drug use is reported almost daily in the news. This course wi ... Read More »
SOC-242 Law, Health & Human Rights This course will look at the special opportunities and obligations of ... Read More »
SOC-243 Introduction to Health & Human Services A survey of the fundamental values, organization and methods of practi ... Read More »
SOC-244 Social Work With Families This course will provide an in-depth analysis of family dynamics as we ... Read More »
SOC-253 Sociology of Health and Illness This course provides students with an introduction to how social norms ... Read More »
SOC-254 U.S. Health Care Landscapes In this course, students will learn about how the U.S. health care sys ... Read More »
SOC-256 Sociology of Aging Consideration of the physiological, psychological and social factors a ... Read More »
SOC-273 Women in Contemporary Society A critical analysis of theory and research related to the socializatio ... Read More »
SOC-275 Women and Crime This course examines the complex relationships between women and crime ... Read More »
SOC-276 Sex and Society An examination of human sexuality as experience and institution. Sexu ... Read More »
SOC-285 Terrorism and Counterterrorism This course is designed to give students an overview of Terrorism and ... Read More »
SOC-286 Women and Work An exploration of the relationship between gender roles, work environm ... Read More »
SOC-315 Sociological Theory An examination and comparison of the origin, development and structure ... Read More »
SOC-320 Ireland and the Irish A look at the Irish in Ireland and America with a special focus on the ... Read More »
SOC-321 Identity, Self and Society This course explores the emergence of the self as an intersection of b ... Read More »
SOC-322 Tough Guise Representations of masculinity in contemporary societies are examined ... Read More »
SOC-325 Popular Culture in America An investigation of the images of life provided by mass communications ... Read More »
SOC-326 Protest and Social Change An exploration of recent and contemporary protest movements. Cases st ... Read More »
SOC-327 Special Topics: General Sociology A course with special interest topics in sociology which changes depen ... Read More »
SOC-329 Sociology of Globalization Globalization is shrinking the world. How and why did this happen? T ... Read More »
SOC-330 Global, Racial and Ethnic Diversity What are the roles of race and ethnicity from a global perspective? A ... Read More »
SOC-333 Sociology of Crime This course offers an in-depth examination of the many different theor ... Read More »
SOC-334 Sociology of Policing An investigation of the emergence, organization, and structure of poli ... Read More »
SOC-335 Corrections and Punishment A sociological exploration of coercive and incapacitative responses to ... Read More »
SOC-336 Probation and Parole Correctional theories are reviewed along with the historical developme ... Read More »
SOC-337 Juvenile Justice and the Law Considers the problems surrounding the legal definition and handling o ... Read More »
SOC-338 White Collar Crime An examination of the relationship between crime, business activity, a ... Read More »
SOC-339 Sociology of Violence A description of violence in the United States. This course emphasizes ... Read More »
SOC-343 Child Welfare Services A survey of the historical development and current composition of serv ... Read More »
SOC-347 Immigration Law and Policy This course examines U.S. Immigration legislation and policies, focusi ... Read More »
SOC-354 Death and Dying An examination of changing definitions of life and death, social facto ... Read More »
SOC-355 Women and Health An exploration of topics that relate particularly to women as provider ... Read More »
SOC-357 Global Health and Healing An examination of how different cultures understand health and illness ... Read More »
SOC-374 Diversity Among Women An exploration of the diverse experiences of womanhood as shaped by ra ... Read More »
SOC-379 Anthropological Perspectives in Spain The recent changes in both Spain and Portugal are only the latest in a ... Read More »
SOC-380 Special Topics in Sociology: Peer Tutoring Specialized topics based on peer tutoring research and development. C ... Read More »
SOC-381 Special Topics in Sociology: Peer Tutoring Specialized topics based on peer tutoring research and development. Co ... Read More »
SOC-390 The Prison Experience, Literature and Film An examination of prison writings, films, and the actual experience of ... Read More »
SOC-433 Seminar in Crime & Justice An analysis and interpretation of empirical and theoretical issues in ... Read More »
SOC-443 Seminar in Health, Medicine, & the Body An overview of the historical development and current concerns in the ... Read More »
SOC-453 Seminar in Sociology This course will explore topics in sociology, requiring students to sy ... Read More »
SOC-483 Professional Practicum I Students are provided with the opportunity to apply academic learning ... Read More »
SOC-484 Professional Practicum II Students are provided an opportunity to intensify or extend their inte ... Read More »
SOC-510 Independent Study Members of the department hold special meetings with students and dire ... Read More »