MBA Online – a Fully Online Degree; or a Flexible Option for Campus MBAs

The MBA Online is an interactive, rigorous and challenging program which prepares students for the rapidly changing global marketplace and the highly specialized challenges the global manager will face in the 21st century.

The Suffolk MBA Online also opens the doors to international students who are interested in earning an MBA from an accredited American educational institution but for whatever reason, are either unable to come to the USA or can only come to the USA for a short amount of time.

Students in the Suffolk MBA Online Program earn the same AACSB accredited MBA degree as their Suffolk campus counterparts. MBA Online courses are taught by Suffolk faculty and have the same high expectations as campus courses.  Those completing their entire degree online receive the same diploma as those completing the degree on campus.

Campus students have the option of taking some of their courses online. Fully online students have the option of taking some of their courses on campus in either Boston, or the North Campus.

The MBA Online curriculum is the same as the Suffolk MBA on campus. It consists of 10-18 courses, including 8 electives; 31 to 55 credits. Fully Online students may complete a concentration in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, or Marketing. A concentration is not required.

MBA Online courses are available to all Suffolk University MBA campus students when necessary to accelerate their program and avoid disruption due to life or career change.

Campus international students on an F-1 Visa must seek permission for an online course from the Center for International Education. However, campus students may NOT take MBA 600, MBA 780 or MBA 800 online.

Method of Instruction

MBA Online instruction consists of the latest multimedia and Internet technologies. Faculty and students interact via email, chat rooms, threaded (on-going) discussions, and audio media. Students require access to the Internet, Suffolk email and a moderate level of experience in working on the World Wide Web to participate in online courses. A moderate level of experience working with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs is necessary to participate in this program. A headset is also required.

Technology Requirements

As a minimum configuration, we recommend the following lists of requirements to insure optimal learning in the Suffolk MBA Online. 

A personal computer with the Windows operating system (the program does not provide support for Apple Macintosh computers)

Windows 2000, or XP operating system. (While a student may be able to run the software on older operating systems, the support will either be limited or non-existent. We recommend upgrading to the latest operating system for taking classes online.)

256 MB Ram MINIMUM. We recommend 512 MB Ram or higher

Microsoft Office Suite 2000, XP or 2003

The computer should be equipped with a soundcard and speakers

A good quality microphone for web conferencing. (HorizonWimba web conferencing software is used in many classes within the Suffolk MBA Online program)

Microsoft Internet Explorer browser version 6.0 or latest is required

The free software plug-ins listed below:

  • Real 10 Media Player or latest
  • Macromedia Flash Player
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Java 1.4.1 software

DSL or cable broadband internet access is necessary for the best online learning experience


In addition to the MBA admission requirements indicated on the previous pages, the MBA Online Program may ask for an online interview with the program director. New students are admitted in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. 

Technology Fees

The MBA Online Program has additional technical fees per course. The fees are $85/one and a half credits; $125/three credits.

Contact Information:

For information on the admission process and MBA curriculum, contact Christine Maher, Assistant Director of MBA programs at (617) 573-8306 or visit our web site at:

For information on Online Learning methods, online courses, or faculty, contact Ana Perez, Assistant Director, MBA Online Program at or visit our website at

MBA Online Curriculum

31-55 credits (10-18 courses)

Required Introductory Business Simulation (1 Credit)

MBA 600  Effective Career Planning

MBA Core Courses* (24 Credits)

MBA 610 Organizational Behavior

MBA 622 Operations and Data Analysis

MBA 630 Economic Analysis for Managers

MBA 640 Corporate Financial Reporting and Control

MBA 650 Value-Based Financial Management (prerequisites: MBA 620, MBA 630 and MBA 640)

MBA 660 Marketing: The Challenge of Managing Value

MBA 670 Information Systems for Competitive Advantage

MBA 680 Managing in the Ethical and Legal Environment

* May be waived.

Global Requirement (3 Credits)

MBA 780 Managing in the Global Environment (prerequisites: MBA 600 and all core courses except MBA 670 and MBA 680)

Required MBA Capstone (3 Credits)

MBA 800 Strategic Management (prerequisites: MBA 600, all core courses, and MBA 780; MBA 800 should be taken at the end of the program of study)

MBA Electives (24 Credits/8 Courses)

Must be chosen from courses numbered 800 and above. One must be in the international business area. Electives may not be waived.

Concentration Options

Four electives in one functional area comprise a concentration. Concentration areas include:
• Accounting
• Entrepreneurship
• Finance
• Information Systems
• Marketing