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  • Executive MBA

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA program resides in the Institute for Executive Education, which facilitates the delivery of a full range of executive-level education and career development initiatives. The Institute draws its superb faculty from the Suffolk University community and the global business arena, providing a balanced perspective of theoretical and applied knowledge on diverse issues of business and leadership. The flagship of the Institute is the Executive MBA, an intensive and accelerated 18-month Saturday-only degree program.

The Executive MBA features a cohort-driven approach that emphasizes integrative thinking and is designed specifically for mid-career executives and professionals aspiring to leadership roles. Our distinct curriculum allows students to build a reservoir of knowledge based on sound business practice and real-world experience. The Suffolk Executive MBA was the first Executive MBA program established in New England and is the only Saturday-only program in the region. The Saturday-only schedule provides an exciting, fast-track format that allows you to pursue your educational objectives without interrupting your career responsibilities.

*All books and reading materials, as well as breakfast, lunch, and breaks, airfare, hotel costs, and lecture fees for all residential seminars are included in tuition.

Innovation and Design Management Concentration

Successful managers recognize innovation and design’s impact on an organization’s ability to sustain a competitive advantage in the business world. Professionals in fields as diverse as mechanical engineering, textiles, brand management, supply chain management, graphic design, and product development all benefit from developing the business acumen to utilize innovation and design.

EMBA Curriculum*
51 credits

Cluster I


EMBA 600 Management Seminar (2 credits)

EMBA 620 Marketing Analytics/Statistical Methods (1.5 credits)

EMBA 630 Economic Analysis for Managers I (1.5 credits)

EMBA 660 Marketing: The Challenge of Managing Value (3 credits)

EMKT 900 Consumer Behavior and Research OR Marketing course (3 credits)

Global Travel Seminar

EMBA 625 Operations Management (1.5 credits)

EMBA 780 Managing in the Global Environment I (1.5 credits)

Cluster II


EMBA 640 Corporate Financial Reporting and Control (3 credits)

EMBA 650 Value-Based Financial Management I (1.5 credits)

EMBA 670 Information Systems for Competitive Advantage (1.5 credits)

EMBA 680 Managing in the Ethical and Legal Environment I (1.5 credits)

Leadership Seminar

EMGOB 860 Leadership and Teambuilding Seminar (3 credits)

Cluster III


EMBA 610 Organizational Behavior (3 credits)

EMGIB 900 Global Product Innovation and Development (3 credits)

EMGOB 855 Conflict and Negotiation (3 credits)

Washington Seminar

EMBA 630 Economic Analysis for Managers II (1.5 credits)

EMBA 770 Washington Seminar (3 credits)

Cluster IV


EMBA 650 Value-Based Financial Management II (1.5 credits)

EMBA 680 Managing in the Ethical and Legal Environment II (1.5 credits)

EMBA 780 Managing in the Global Environment II (1.5 credits)

EMBA 800 Strategic Management (3 credits)

Field Research Project

EMBA 900 Program Experiential (4 credits)

Residential Seminar

The Executive MBA features four required residential seminars designed to promote an educational experience focused on integrated thinking and global leadership. Each seminar builds upon previous classroom work and sets the stage for the next cluster of courses.

Management Seminar

This three-day seminar is your introduction to the Executive MBA experience. The Management Seminar focuses on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, ethics, and social responsibility and utilizes both business simulations and case-study methods.

Global Seminar

This one-week seminar is an exceptional opportunity for you to experience the global business environment first-hand in Europe, Asia, or South America. The seminar includes a comprehensive examination of the economic, political, and cultural perspectives of doing business in the global community and exposes you to strategic issues through an experiential learning process.

Leadership Seminar

Designed to develop and refine your organizational leadership skills at multiple levels, this four-day seminar combines classroom activities with a physical challenge, resulting in an intensive educational experience based on the synergy of concept and application.

Washington Seminar

Conducted in Washington, D.C., this five-day seminar provides you with firsthand exposure to the linkages between public and economic policy development and its impact on business strategy and execution. It includes meetings with key members of Congress, the administration, lobbyists, the media, and other organizations that may influence policy development.

Program Experiential

The Executive MBA incorporates a Field Research Project that is designed as a synergistic activity combining your work experience, classroom experience, and your career goals and objectives. From the beginning to the end of this project, you will work with an individual faculty member, who will guide you through the process and facilitate its successful completion.


In addition to the MBA admission requirements indicated on the previous pages, the Executive MBA program requires an interview with the Executive MBA Selection Committee and a minimum of seven years managerial or professional experience. New students are admitted to the Executive MBA Program in September and January.

For additional information, contact Kristin S. Polito, Director, Executive MBA Program by telephone (617) 573-8660, or send email to: execmba@suffolk.edu.