2011-2012 Archived Catalog Information

  • Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Honesty Policy
Definition of academic honesty and consequences for violation of this policy

Assessment of Reading and Writing Skills
Reading and writing skill requirements for all undergraduate freshman and transfer students

Classification of Students
Classification of students based on credit hours

Credit Hour Definition
How Suffolk University defines a credit hour

Course Loads
Course load definitions and requirements for federal financial aid

Excess Courses
Criteria, conditions, and considerations for a higher than normal course load

Independent Study
Required authorization and guidelines for Independent Study

Leave of Absence
Policies about taking a leave of absence from the University

Satisfactory Progress Policy
Definition of satisfactory academic progress as required for financial assistance

Transcript of Record
Requirements for a request for transcript

Veterans Services
Information about benefits for veterans

Withdrawal from the University
Information for students planning to withdraw from the University