2011-2012 Archived Catalog Information

  • Academic Advising

A full-time faculty advisor is assigned to every student upon his or her entry into the College of Arts and Sciences. Students with a declared major are matched with a faculty memberĀ in their chosen department. Advising assignments are permanent unless formally changed by the department. The major advisor provides specific information on course requirements in that discipline and serves to introduce the student to life in that particular department. After the first year, the major advisor is the student’s sole academic advisor.

All entering freshmen enroll in a section of the Seminar for Freshmen course. The seminar instructor fulfills the role of freshman advisor for the students in any given section of the course. The freshman advisor maintains an advising relationship with the student for the entire first year. This advisor provides information, referrals, and guidance to students on a range of matters pertaining to curricular requirements, choice of major discipline, career investigation, and university resources. For undecided students, often referred to as open majors, the freshman advisor is also the major advisor until the end of the first year.

After the initial advising consultation has been arranged between advisor and advisee, it becomes the student’s responsibility to maintain contact with his or her advisor. Beyond the two mandatory visits needed to secure program approval each year (the fall and spring advising/registration periods), students should make it a practice to sustain regular communications with their advisor throughout the academic year.