Foundation Studies

The critical first step for all NESADSU students, regardless of their choice of major, is the Foundation Program. Designed to equip you with the fundamentals of visual communication, Foundation studies will teach you to perceive with freshness and insight and to execute visual ideas with confidence and precision. You will also be exposed to a broad range of techniques and media. Foundation courses will provide the conceptual and technical framework that will allow you to succeed, both in your major program and as a professional artist or designer. Utilizing the in-class critique as a means of both generating and understanding the visual expression of ideas, you will learn to refine the forms and techniques you have chosen to effectively execute the required assignment.

Basic courses in drawing, design and color will be followed by exciting explorations of more advanced visual issues and the creative process in such courses as Design: Issues and Process (ADF S154) and Imaging (ADF S156). Interior Design majors develop skills in Interior Design Communications (ADI S106) and major-specific drawing courses such as Perspective & Rendering (ADI S108) and Orthogonal Drawing (ADI S110). Ideas of Western Art I and II (ADF 181, 182) will provide an introduction to the history of art and its impact on the studio experience.

The small size of most Foundation classes allows not only for an uncommon degree of personal attention from the instructor, but results in a sense of camaraderie among students that will last throughout your time at NESADSU. The Foundation portfolio review, the culmination of the freshman experience, provides a broad overview of your work as well as input on your choice of a major program and even your chosen career path. The Foundation Student Show, held in the NESADSU gallery during the spring semester, will introduce you to the exhibition process and will enable family and friends to celebrate your achievements firsthand.

If you are an Open (undeclared) Major or if your major is in another department, and you would like to be a BFA candidate (NESADSU major), you must:

  • In your first semester, register concurrently for two Foundation studio courses (ADF S101 Foundation Drawing I and ADF S151 Two-Dimensional Design)
  • Attain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in those courses, with no grade below "B-"
  • Register for and receive a grade of "P" in Jumpstart Art

If you fail to meet the above conditions (to declare a BFA in your first attempt), you may continue to seek admittance to the BFA program for one additional semester, by taking two additional Foundation studio courses (ADF S102 Foundation Drawing II and ADF S152 Two-Dimensional Design) in order to bring your combined GPA for the four studio courses to a minimum of 3.0.

Students who, after two semesters and/or four Foundation studio courses, have still not attained the required GPA of 3.0, will be denied entry into the BFA program. Such students may, however, be permitted to earn an Art Minor by taking two additional studio courses, provided they have met the prerequisite requirements for those courses.

The Foundation Program or its equivalent is a prerequisite for entry into any of the major programs.

Foundation Program Courses

The letter “S” preceding a course number indicates a studio course, for which a studio fee will be assessed. See “Tuition and Fees” for further information.

Please note: For graduate students, Foundation course numbers will begin with a “5” rather than a “1.” For example, Foundation Drawing I (ADF S101) should be listed as ADF S501, Color as ADF S543, etc. Undergraduate students should use the course numbers listed here in the undergraduate catalog.