Massachusetts Voters to John Kerry: Don’t Run Again for President


BOSTON, MA – In the aftermath of a landslide victory over President George Bush in Massachusetts during the 2004 Presidential Election, local registered voters are telling John Kerry that he should not run for President in 2008, according to an exclusive 7NEWS-Suffolk University poll released today.

When asked, “should John Kerry run again for President in 2008,” just 33% of registered voters statewide said, “yes,” while 59% indicated “no.”   However, 56% of respondents said that Kerry should run again for re-election to the U.S. Senate, while 36% felt it’s time to give someone else a chance.

“Massachusetts’ voters have built a Presidential ceiling over John Kerry’s head,” said David Paleologos, Director of the Political Research Center at Suffolk University.  “They’re signaling to Kerry to live within the confines of the Senate, but not to break out and run again for President.”

Senator Hillary Clinton (25%) was the top choice for President among Massachusetts Democratic voters, followed by Kerry (14%), Senator John Edwards (4%), Senator Barack Obama (4%) and Governor Bill Richardson, Governor Howard Dean, Senator Joe Liebermann and former Senator Al Gore, all tied with 2%.

Among Republican voters for President in 2008, Senator John McCain (19%) led Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (13%), former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (9%), California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (7%) and former Secretary of State Colin Powell (5%).

“Hillary Clinton would be tough to beat in a Democratic primary,” said Paleologos.  “The question remains, could she carry middle America against the likes of McCain or Giuliani?”

According to the latest 7NEWS-Suffolk University survey, 49% of Massachusetts registered voters think that Governor Mitt Romney would win re-election, while 32% disagreed, with an addition 19% undecided.

In addition, 51% of registered voters believed that it was more important to expand programs versus the 37% who said it was more important to cut taxes.

The election took its toll on the state’s national reputation.  When asked, “what impact did this election have on the state’s national reputation, just 12% said, “improved,” while 40% indicated, “hurt,” and 48% said, “no change.”

In other key findings from the 7NEWS-Suffolk University poll, voters were skeptical of a Democratic nominee coming from Massachusetts anytime soon.  When asked, “do you think Democrats would nominate someone from Massachusetts for President anytime soon, only 18% said, “yes,” a whopping 66% said, no,” and 17% were undecided.

Although television ads are running this week in California calling for a change in the U.S. Constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to run for President of the United States, Arnold

Schwarzenegger may have to wait awhile.  Only 31% believed any American should have the opportunity to run for President, while 63% opposed changing the Constitution.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger may have met his match in the U.S. Constitution,” said Paleologos.  “For now, it’s hasta la vista, baby – but he’ll be back.”

The 7NEWS-Suffolk University poll was conducted from November 14-15, 2004.  The margin of error is +/- 4.9% at a 95% level of confidence.  All 400 Massachusetts respondents indicated they were registered voters.

Suffolk University is scheduled to release highlights of this survey in chart form on Friday, November 19, 2004.  Cross-tabulation data totaling 200 pages and marginals will also be released today and posted on the Suffolk website (  For more information, please contact Suffolk adjunct professor David Paleologos at 781-290-9310.

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