DNC Commute Day 2: Smooth Ride


BOSTON, MA – Senator Ted Kennedy would be pleased to know that most commuters got home in time to see his speech at the Democratic National Convention last night, according to an exclusive 7NEWS-Suffolk University poll just released.

For the second day in a row, both commutes to and from Boston were smooth rides. When respondents were asked about the commute to Boston, 72% said that they arrived “on time,” 19% arrived “early,” 8% arrived between one minute and an hour late, and just 1% arrived over an hour late. Similarly, when respondents were asked about the commute home, 68% said that they arrived “on time,” 22% arrived “early,” 8% arrived between one minute and an hour late, and just 2% arrived over an hour late.

“This is the Massachusetts rendition of easy rider,” said David Paleologos, Director of the Political Research Center at Suffolk University. “However, given Monday’s commute, the new level of expectation is that every trip will be easy. It will be difficult to top these high expectations over the next two days.”

When asked, “how did your commute go to Boston,” 31% said “better than expected,” (-6% over Monday), while 32% said “same as expected” (+8% over Monday), and only 3% said “worse than expected.” Like Monday’s no-shows, 35% said that they “didn’t try” on Tuesday, as well.

More people drove to their destinations on Tuesday than on Monday. According to the 7NEWS-Suffolk University poll, 53% of commuters said they drove (+5% over Monday), 36% took public transportation (-8% over Monday), 2% walked, 6% combined modes of transportation, and 3% commuted by other means.

“More drivers and less riders on Tuesday,” said Paleologos. “We saw this change across all five counties.”

In other key findings from the poll, it appears that more people will be back at it tomorrow. When asked, “will you commute to Boston tomorrow,” 68% said “yes” (+3% over Monday) while 29% said “no” (-4% over Monday).

The survey of 300 Boston commuters was completed between 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM on Tuesday, July 27th. The poll has an error rate of +/- 5.6% at a 95% confidence level. Respondents were randomly selected from a list of 50,000 residents (between the ages of 17-65 years) who resided in Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex, Norfolk, & Plymouth counties. The sample was made available to the Suffolk University Political Research Center courtesy of The Beacon Group, a Massachusetts based list processing company.

All gender, county, region, and age demographics matched the latest Census2000 block data and the American Factfinder survey results for commuters to Boston.

David Paleologos, Director of Suffolk University's Political Research Center, will be available to comment on the daily commuter survey results. He can be reached at 781-290-9310.

The survey result will be broadcast on WHDH-TV and posted on both the Suffolk University website (www.suffolk.edu) and the WHDH-TV website (www.whdh.com).

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