Suffolk University's Photo Club Gives Dorchester Students the Big Picture


Suffolk University's photography club, PHOCUS, will host an exhibit on Friday April 25, 2003, from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Donahue Building cafe at 41 Temple Street in Boston. There will also be live music, hors d'oeuvres, dancing and a silent auction.

The exhibit will showcase the photographs of Dorchester High School students and will serve as a book opening for "Abrase Los Ojos" (Open Your Eyes), PHOCUS's black-and-white photography book. The book encompasses over 120 photographs from Suffolk University students and faculty.

PHOCUS will be selling "Abrase Los Ojos" and selected prints from this publication at the exhibit. This is an opportunity for Suffolk students to use their talent as photographers to raise money to provide Dorchester High School with a darkroom and cameras for the students' use.

PHOCUS created this program last September when it's members went to Dorchester High to teach nine students about the art, history and process of photography. PHOCUS raised enough money to supply the students with cameras, black-and-white film, and subway tokens to enable them to work in Suffolk's darkroom.

Since Dorchester High School's photography program was cut 10 years ago, this project will make it possible for Dorchester to bring photography back to their school, either as a class, after school activity or a club.

"This project is imperative because the children who attend our inner city schools do not have the same opportunities as other high schools," said Andri Hery, Suffolk Junior, Founder and President of PHOCUS. "There is always so much media attention focused on the gangs and violence of inner city youth but how are we supposed to keep kids off of drugs and the streets if we aren't willing to invest in them?"

PHOCUS believes that all students should be introduced to the arts, not only those in affluent districts. This project has received astonishing results and attention from all ends of the spectrum. The Dorchester High School students have never had such a huge event in their honor and they are very excited.

PHOCUS created this project to bring the art of photography back to Dorchester High School. By giving these students this means of self-expression, they have the opportunity to show their extraordinary accomplishments to the people of Boston.

For more information, please contact:
Tony Ferullo at 617-573-8448 or
Zenelky Ortiz at 617-573-8447

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